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>ASCII Codes
>HTML Codes
>Control Characters
>URL Encoding



ASCII = American Standard Code for Information Interchange

Pronounciation: as'-key

ASCII is a standard way of representing characters and symbols in electronic form. Using standards increases efficiency and eliminates errors. Using standards requires discipline and sometimes restricts creativity. However, it is very useful for communication in large groups of users. The internet requires even more focus on standards, as it integrates users with different languages. The people who envisioned the internet, tried to set up a global communication platform. Using standards is a way to accomplish this objective.

Internet Users' Glossary  G. Malkin

Links to ASCII and HTML Standards documents

HTML 4.01 - Specification

HTML 4.01 - Character set

HTML 4.01 - Character entities

HTML 4.01 - References

7-Bit American National Standard Code for Information Interchange (7-Bit ASCII) - ANSI Document X3.4-1986 (R1997)
Specification for standard set of 128 characters, ANSI Approval Date: 12/23/1997

Unicode Code Charts

Mathematical Markup Language 1.01 Specification

RFC822: Standard for ARPA Internet Text Messages
David H. Crocker, August 13, 1982

ASCII format for Network Interchange
Vint Cerf, October 16, 1969

A tutorial on character code issues
Jukka Korpela, updated.

Links to Standards Organizations

World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)

American Nacional Standards Institute (ANSI)

International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

Unicode NSSN - Global Standards Organization

National Institute of Standards and Technology

World Standards Services Network

See Also

>ASCII Codes
>HTML Codes
>Control Characters
>URL Encoding

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