Thursday, 19 December 2013

What is a Niche? How and Where to Find Winning Niches and Keywords?

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What is a Niche? How Can you Help to Find Winning Niches and Keywords?  (This article was collected from A1 Niche)

A niche market is a narrow targetable portion of a market. Niche marketing works because small operators would find it impossible to compete for the broader generic keyword. Many searches on the internet are highly targeted at a specific keyword or a set of keywords in a phase. By specifically targeting at these key words the small operator can compete for a small perhaps tiny part of a market. A single website can only target a set of perhaps five keywords at a time and this provides scope for the small operator to specialise.So a niche market is a narrowly restricted group of possible customers. By targeting this group you will have a better chance of selling the product that the searcher is looking for.

For example instead of targeting general cleaning services, a small operator might go for a niche market by focusing on blind or window cleaning or focus on cleaning equipment.

The trick to finding a paying niche market is to a vacant one or one that has lots of traffic but few competitors with low ranking sites so that you have a chance of competing against tem with a new site or article. You want to target accessible customers in a growing market (few operators). Getting this information can be hard, but there are various software tools and you can use the free Adware tool offered by Google.

Experience has shown that you are more likely to be successful with niche topics that relate to something customers want to buy or topics that offer advice on "how to do" or advice. Aim for a website that promotes as marketable product or service or provides information that people want.

Once you have chosen your keywords and confirmed the prospects you can then work on a website, blog or article that is optimized for search engines so that customers will find you via Google searches. Getting your website or article page to rank ahead of your competitors is another story. The website or article needs to be carefully crafted to provide what the user is looking for. This is easier with a specific and narrow topic.

Starts with market research. Ask yourself the following questions:

=> Does my topic relate to a small group with similar specific interests and requirements that they will search the internet for?

=> Is the niche market are big enough for my business as well as the existing businesses?

=>Can I tailor my goods, products, items, information, services, and business identity to specifically be seen as genuinely satisfying the needs and want of the niche market?

Is my target market currently under-exploited and will my keywords act as a bait for these people

Have a chosen a set of keywords which will market by business effectively and have a high chance of ranking on the first page of Google so that customers will find my site?

A1 Niches is a great way to research and find keyword phrases that meet your needs. Once chosen you can test their effectiveness using a variety of tools.

The more you specialize, the more your market will see the value of your services because you speak directly to their unique situation.

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